Infos for Au pairs

A wonderful time with children and experience with each other..

Important for our Au pairs:

  • All services free of charge - apply now!!

  • Our host families pay the language course

  • Snap connections - many host families

  • Connecting into all regions of Germany

  • Over 20 years experience in the Au pair connecting

What does Au pair mean?

Young people from around the world get the possibility of living for a certain time in a German family. They should not be a paid domestic help, but be an equal family member. So to say a ‘’big sister, a big brother for the other children. To their duties includes easy housework and above all the support of ‘’younger brothers and sisters’’.

Not only families with „two parents”, but also Single Parents can take up an Au pair, if all other basic conditions are fulfilled.

Living in a German family Au pairs can improve and deepen their linguistic knowledge, to which also accompanying instructions in a language school serves the purpose, Above all that becomes acquainted with Au pair’s daily life in a German family and our country.

Application times:

  • In principle at any time.
  • Members of visa-requiring states 3-4 months before entry date because of the long operating time on visa processing. EFTA, European Union and the USA possibly 1-2 months before entry date.


No fees for the connecting or for the re- connecting are demanded from the Au pair. Host parents exclusively carry the costs of the connection.

Which Au pair needs a visa?

Au pairs from non-member states (except the USA, Norway and Iceland) need a passport and an entry approval to enter Germany.

Entry approval is a special Au pair visa, which the Au pair must apply for with the responsible German embassy or a consulate in their homeland.

Without a valid visa you cannot come from a non-member state country legally as an Au pair to Germany. If you do this nevertheless, then you’re breaking the German law and it can be proven. For these problems there is no existing possible support.

How do I get a visa

From the German consulate / embassy in your country you must apply for the visa.

You get an invitation letter and an au-pair contract, which are to be submitted to the consulate / the embassy. After applying it will take still approximately 1 months, until you receive the visa. If possible in this time host parents and us endeavor to accelerate the procedure.  However on each case certain latencies must be considered on this schedule.

Entry without visa

For member of the EU countries, Norway, Iceland, the USA, Switzerland and Lichtenstein:

The entry can take place without visa. Only with a valid identity card or passport (the latter prescribed for Norway, Iceland, the USA, Switzerland and Lichtenstein) is needed.

And otherwise?

All remaining formalities - work permit and residence permit are settled after the entry with the support of host parents. For questions and problems also the Au pair agency is available.