I organize annually 4 meetings, where there is an opportunity for you to exchange amongst yourselves, to find friends, meet me, or simply a beautiful afternoon/evening to spend together. With a click on the date you can set the meeting. The password for it I already sent you with the welcome letter. You can acquire the password in addition, simply at hambloch@au-pairs.de.

Here are the dates until 2023:


Herbrand´s - Herbrandstraße 21, Köln


Biergarten, Herbrand´s - Herbrandstraße 21, Köln


Biergarten, Herbrand´s - Herbrandstraße 21, Köln


Meeting at Badenbaden

City trips and holidays for Au pairs

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Paris - City of love

In Rome at Caesar's footsteps

Venice - "The Serene"

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