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The crisis hotline in Germany

In co-operation with the quality community Au pairs it was agreed upon that the calling numbers of the crisis hotline are also emergency numbers for Au pairs.

The calling numbers are exclusively intended for emergency calls and guarantee trained and competent contacts in life crises. Basic information and assistance for Au pairs were passed on over the quality community.

The protestant and catholic church carry this crisis hotline in Germany. Working with honorary employees, who are regularly trained in crisis situations and offer a low-threshold refuge point, in order to avoid panic reactions.

The crisis hotline offers a calling number also where there are language barriers, there are Russian-speaking employees who arrange free and very well interlaced emergency calls safely, a competent partner by the request of the quality community of Au pair stays, to ensure an agreed upon quality for all involved parties.n.

An emergency call hotline can save lives and prevent acts of desperation in case of emergency. Au pairs who do not have a caring organization in Germany, It can be helpful to know that there is a connecting agency and advice offers in your proximity.